DOWNTEAM challenge 2012

The Nordic meeting have decided to give us the Open Nordic Championships for 2012 as well. So remember the dates 2nd to 5th August 2012, because that’s when you need to be in Åre. Alternative one week later because of the competition in Zell am See the same weekend. We’ll keep you posted.

Welcome back!

Congratulations! The Nordic Meeting taking place in Copenhagen today just accepted Pål Hammar Rognøys bid to arrange Open Nordic Acro Paragliding Championship 2012 in Åre.

-The meeting wants to highlight that the main name of the comp should be Open Nordic Acro Paragliding Championship 2012.
-Also, all runs should follow the FAI-rules.
-The comp should be registered as a FAI CAT 2-event. Marko Wramén Swedish representative to the Nordic meeting, acting for the Nordic Meeting