Månatligt arkiv för augusti 2011

And the winner is Pål

After five successful runs Pål Hammar Rognøy, Sweden, could be titled Nordic Champion in Acro Paragliding. Dennis Wolthers, Denmark, in second and Emil Selin, Sweden, third. Pål Hammar Rognøy 1st, Dennis Wolters 2nd, Emil Selin 3rd. Here in the water after just finishing their final runs in the comp. Podium pictures are being processed while we …

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Final run of the comp

We could not have asked for a better last day of competition. In sunny great conditions the final run of the Nordic Open could be held in front of the spectators. The pilots put in that little extra to make sure that they got the position they think they deserv. Results will be posted later …

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Rain and fika at Grädda

Due to rain, day 3 is cancelled. Pilots and volonteers are now enjoying Åre by using the pool area at Holiday club, fika at Grädda, lunch at Broken, action activities at Sanna Event/Camp Åre. And some are editing videos for the videocompetition tonight. Remember the dinnerparty at Timmerstugan tonight. Only a few places left. Last …

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Pål leader of the comp

The second day of competition gave two more good runs where Pål Hammar Rognøy, Sweden, managed to climb into the lead during the first and managed to keep it after the second. Dennis Wolthers now in second and Kjartan Andvik pushed down to third. The competition was truly pushed on a bit in friday’s second …

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Pål takes over the lead

Friday and the weather smiles at us again. After winning the third run, Pål Hammar Rognöy takes over the lead from Kjartan, now in second place. Jan-Tore Solberg now in third. The third run was a two manouvres program with raft on land. See the result page for the results

Kjartan in the lead

The competition’s first day gave two runs, putting Kjartan Andvik in the lead position, only 0,6 points in front of Pål Hammar Rognøy. Dennis Wolthers, Denmark was in the lead after the first run but forgot the numbers of obligatory rotations in the heli and had to see himself move down in the result list. …

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