Thank you all pilots, volunteers, sponsors and hang arounds for your shows, work and cheering! You are all the best!

New organizers for 2013

Already when we organized the 2012 edition, both me and Pernilla knew this was our last time organizing this event. Luckily two new happyfaces was already there to take over the whole thing. They will probably use this website for 2012 as well, but the dates and name of the event will change a bit. …

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Medallists 2012

Pål – double champion

Pål Hammar Rognøy, Sweden, got the titles Nordic and Swedish Champion for the second year in a row. Dennis Wolther from Denmark got the silver in the Nordic Championship and Mikael Kjellman from Sweden the bronze in the Nordic and silver in the Swedish Championship. Emil Selin came in third in the Swedish Championship. Martine …

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Champagne fight

The most important moment of the DOWNTEAM challenge will always be this one:  

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Dinnerparty and videocompetition

After a good day flying, a good party and food is hard to beat.  We ate BROKEN food at Timmerstugan. Thank you SO MUCH Martin Kjellman and BROKEN for this. After dinner we ran the videocompetition. It had two categories; Sponsorvideo, and Acroparagliding video. You can read more on the categories here if you want …

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